Nathalie David

I recently changed career from nutritionist over telecommunications and software Sales for many years, to finally do what I am passionate about.
These days I’m still exploring my creativity and interests in several subjects I all treat with utmost respect.
I do love people, lights, forms… Seeking for sincere emotions to elicit… I focus on moments, emotions, beautiful details… almost completely loyal to natural light photography. I’m having a preference for portrait, black & white, atmospheric pictures, reportage (both during important moments, celebrations and business activities/events), but also offering pictures that suits your image for your website. I attach great importance to satisfaction with my work.
Addicted to discovering, I can shoot anywhere in the world.
Our stories are our lives and I believe they are worthwhile to be documented.
Memories are precious things and mostly only happen once. Life happens in a flash, memories are forever. Memories are a part of us…

"photography is a love affair with life"

Burk Uzzle